Sunday, 16 February 2014

Eagle Photonics – A Milestone in Fiber Optics Products Suppliers

Optical Fibers are used in Fiber Optic Communications which are used to transmit data over large distances. Optical Fibers are highly immune to Electromagnetic interference and can transmit data with less data loss and cross talk over large distances. They are very flexible and less prone to breakage and can be easily bundled as cables.
Optical Fiber contains an Inner core and an Outer Cladding, light travels between core and cladding and thus transmits the data. Both the layers are made of dielectric material and the refractive index of core will be higher than cladding. Optical Fibers uses total internal reflection between core and cladding to transmit the data in the form of light.
Optical Fibers can be Single mode or Multi mode. Single mode Optical fiber have small core diameter whereas Multi mode has large core diameter. Optical Fibers can be made with glass or plastic.
Now a days many Telephonic Companies are replacing the old traditional metal wires with Optical Fibers as they are light in weight and easy to manage. There are large number of companies which supplies Fiber Optic Products. Eagle Photonics is one of the leading Fiber Optics Company dealing with Fiber Optic manufacture and Superior Fiber optic product supplier.
We are experienced in designing and manufacturing cables to meet different customer requirements. The products are built with most sophisticated standards and the technology used in manufacturing makes it the unique product in global market.
No Doubt, buying a high graded optical fiber product is the first criteria- but this will not suffice the entire need, the product should also be installed and tested with proper experience and care to enjoy its maximum performance and make more reliable systems. There are certain guidelines which are to followed while installing the Fiber Optic cables and equipments as installing is not a difficult task but it has certain issues which are known only to those who are properly trained and have much expertise in that area, otherwise it may lead to damage. So, apart from designing and manufacturing the fiber optical products -Eagle Photonics also provides installation services for the Fiber Optic Products in India.

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