Thursday, 7 November 2013

Eagle Infotek- Big Data: Programming in Hadoop

Technology is progressing at a speed equivalent to the speed of light and to keep ourselves updated along with the progress of the technology, we need to keep on learning. One such emerging technology is Hadoop which is used to handle Big Data. As the amount of data to be captured or processed is increasing, the conventional relational database management system is proving to be difficult to use. Apache Hadoop is the answer for that. Hadoop has the mechanism to store huge data in a distributed file system.

Hadoop has been largely accepted by many IT majors like Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, eBay etc. Hadoop has also been listed in the list of most sought for technical skills of recent time. Also tech pundits have predicted that Hadoop will be the future for handling large data along with Cloud Computing in coming years.

In a step ahead to train people in this technology in high demand, Eagle Infotek in association with 4thDymension Teknocrats has organised a 3 days training for industry professionals starting from 27th November, 2013. After proving to be one of the best organisation working in the photonics technology area, Eagle Infotek now wants to educate people about Programming in Hadoop. This training sessions will cover Big Data and Hadoop systems, Hadoop Data File Systems, Hive and Pig interface to Hadoop. The training will be given by passionate and highly experienced industry professional so that the attendees get to know the real time experience of people who have already used Hadoop. The training module has been devised by industry expert in a view to impart as much real time knowledge as possible."
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